My entire life, I have always admired good-tasting, crunching flavorful food. My mom, being a fitness instructor and health lover, cooks delicious dinners every night, and I always anxiously await to sit at the table and treat myself to a tasty meal. So, when coming to Spain, of course, I was so anxious and thrilled to try different foods. My taste buds would be treated to a zesty, exotic delight. Paella.

I was with a group of girlfriends, and we hungrily strolled around the sandy beach searching for a place to eat. We discovered a long strip of joint, seafood restaurants, and we sat our tired bodies down and allowed the waiters to take over.

We had not yet been very experimental with trying out Spanish food, so we took a risk, and we ordered two Paellas for ten. We thought we would still be hungry; however, little did we know, we would have plenty of leftovers.

When the two enormous plates came out, I couldn´t believe my eyes. The deep bowels were unending, and the leftovers could feed Africa. This really would be a treat.

As our little Paella hunt began, hungry forks rummaged for jewels. I plopped shrimps, mussels, clams, scallops and other treasures onto my plate, and I quickly popped bite after bite into my mouth. Each crunch was filled with flavorful rice enriched with a seafood zest, and each bite filled my hunger with joy.
The clams and mussels generously opened their shells, and the shrimps plopped into our mouths. While I refilled my plate numerous times with more servings of Paella, I could only eat so much. I had to finally put my napkin down, and end my meal.

I really enjoyed eating the unique, seafood rice dish, and I am happy that I was also able to experience it with all of my friends. I know that Paella is a very important food in Barcelona, and I am excited to introduce it to my friends and family in the United States.

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