Before Barcelona, I never really understood the concept of tapas. Being an American, I am used to enormous meals at restaurants and a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal. Europeans may call it gluttonous. Furthermore, tapas contradicted everything that I previously stood for. They were small, they were not filling, and they were plain. Why did all of Barcelona love these tapas? Though I was stuck in my own eating habits and I was initially ignorant toward this different lifestyle, I knew I had to give in and try. I would experience being a European eater once, and I would see if it was for me.

Several hours and tapas later, I had made my decision. I loved these small pieces of toasted bread covered in sauce and vegetables. I loved my stomach´s content of not being painfully stuffed with too much food, yet having my hunger spot be quenched with a small delicacy. I finally understood why these tapas were so mavelous, why everyone loved them so much. I finally understood the concept of a tapa.

My two friends and I had eaten at Divinus off of Passeig De Gracia, and we all had ordered different tapas. My chosen few consisted of a small piece of bread with vegetables and tuna, and another lathered with creamy crab. They were both delicious, and they both hit my food craving spot. 

I now love this European eating lifestyle. They don´t stuff themselves thick with three obnoxiously large meals like I had often done in the past. They rather have a large meal or two and enjoy a tapa for an afternoon snack. They can sit down with friends and relax and talk, while coating their slightly hungered stomachs with a tasty treat.

I have really enjoyed tapas in my Barcelona abroad experience. I love the intimacy of the meal, and I love the perfection of the taste. A thousand choices to order, and a million conversations to discuss. I am so glad that I experienced this wonderful treasure, and I hope that everyone is as lucky as I and can sometime enjoy such a tasty treat.

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