Roman Barcino

On our first field trip, my class and I met at the Cathedral and ventured to the history museum. I had a great time because I felt like experiencing the museum hands on taught me more about Barcelona than someone could have by just explaining it to me.

During our time at the museum, we watched a video, which summarized some of the very important aspects of Barcelona history. For instance, if one did not pay taxes, they were not considered a protected citizen and had to live in the outskirts of Barcelona. Furthermore, they were sheltered by the high walls that bordered the city, and they were vulnerable to outside attacks.

As we continued our experiences in the museum, we were able to get a deeper glimpse of ancient times in Barcelona. We walked through the uncovered city, which I found very eye captivating. Through this journey, we learned many things that I will remember forever. To begin with, people were very connected to nature. Wine, for instance, was a drink of worship. Every family always had a vase of wine at their table even if they did not desire to drink it. Furthermore, they were even more connected with nature by the process of making the wine. Children would make the drink by jumping on clusters of grapes, which would soon turn to liquid. I thought this concept was very intriguing. Another nature fun-fact was how people utilized urine to remove stains from their clothing. I thought it odd that they cleansed their stains with a liquid I have always perceived as filthy.

During our field trip, our teacher also stressed to us the importance of wooden cooking utensils. He explained that wood was from nature so it was much healthier to eat from spoons and bowels made from those materials. He claimed that when one consumes food from plastic, he or she puts bad chemicals into his or her body.

While our teacher stressed the importance of healthier ways of eating, he mentioned that fish was very prevalent amongst the Barcelona people. In order to preserve the fish, individuals would place them in deep, stone pits so they could have future use out of them

While the museum showed us the importance of food and health, we also learned that beauty was of main concern. In glass cases, our class observed small perfume bottles and makeup utensils. Our teacher explained that appearance was very important, and the people of Barcelona always made sure they were well groomed.

 Ultimately, walking through the museum and directly seeing items that were used in ancient history really taught me about Barcelona in the past. People can always tell you something or give you an informative fact, but then soon, you may forget it. I know going to the museum, I will remember and cherish Barcelona history forever.



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