Jewish Quarter

For one of our field trips, we visited the Jewish Quarters. I really enjoyed this experience because I am Jewish and I loved learning about its history in Barcelona. We learned that the Jews faced many struggles and were persecuted under the rule of Franco. We also learned, however, they were very successful in business for they were merchants and consultants to the king. I found it very interesting that the Jews were discriminated against and killed, yet they were also worshipped for their skills and expertise. Their position in society was very controversial.

My favorite part of this field trip was when we visited the oldest temple in
Barcelona. Though most of it was destroyed, there were still many bits and
pieces of it remaining. We walked through a very small door where a kind lady
explained to us that we were walking over, on a glass board of course, many of
the remains of the temple. Though it may have only looked like small chunks of
stones and rocks, it was really neat to know that they once formed a place of

We were also shown a large Menorah, which represented different days of
the week. Before leaving the temple, I left a small donation to the woman who
gave us a tour, and I hope it will be utilized for a good cause. Though it has
already broken, I even bought a Jewish star bracelet.

The lady briefly explained to us some of the Barcelona Jewish history, and I felt
very privileged to be part of such a special moment. After exploring the
ancient temple, we continued our ventures throughout Barcelona. We learned that
the architecture of the Jewish quarter was modest on the outside, yet lavish
on the inside.

I found this field trip to be very enlightening, and I can’t wait to return home
and share my new knowledge with my family and friends who all feel like they
can relate to Jews worldwide.


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