I slip into my gym shorts and tee, pull my thin socks over my ankle tips, and lace my overworn, spotted sneakers. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize my path. Dark, sparkling sky, desolate, clinging roads, clean, breezy air. I softly blink, wrap my iPod to my forearm, and close the apartment door behind me, walking into the outdoor, whispering winds that soon guide my run.

I begin slow. Right foot, left. Inhale for three seconds, exhale for two. Right, inhale. Left, exhale. I pump my arms faster, I lift my legs higher. I’m swift, I’m fluid, I’m free. I can do anything I want. I can be anything I see.

Thoughts begin to flood my mind. I close my eyes and allow my sweet fantasies and dark dreams to drown me. I emerge myself into these thirsty thoughts, and I feel as if a new person has taken over. I am better, I am stronger, I am happier. I applaud my accomplishments, and I silence my mistakes. My feet carefully guide me as my mind continues to soar ahead on my twirling running path. All of my previous worries and griefs have been erased. My anxieties, my pain, my negativities, vanished.

I gain speed, and I race under the dark, starry sky that blankets around me and pushes me down the road. The bright stars twinkle light upon me, and urge me to continue my run and lose myself in the blackness of the night. Don’t stop, they say. Keep running.

I become a hungry animal released from its’ cage as my feet kiss the pavement and my fingertips caress the cool, breezy air. The soft howl of hte wind and gentle sway of the trees hum in my ears, and the clean, dampened smell braises my nose. It feels so good. It feels so perfect.

I turn my music up and allow the sounds to vibrantly rush through my body. I become the music, I become the song. My steps follow the rhythm, and my heartbeat beats to the tune. I once again allow myself to dive into my fantastic fantasies and deep desires.

It is always an hour of utopia ecstasy. It is always a time to create total peace and happiness. Running is such a passion of mine, and tracing my footsteps through the roads of Barcelona has been an unexplainable experience. Even when tired and gasping for air, the run held precious moments and thoughts. I will miss my path down Diagonal, and I will miss my sweet Barcelona surroundings. But, I will never forget those majestic, fantastic runs that will cling to me forever.

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