El Born

Our third field trip was really exciting because I was able to visualize more about how my beloved Barcelona was many years ago. Everyday, I walk the streets and explore this beautiful city, but until now, I wasn’t aware of the meaning of many of these ancient buildings and locations.

Our teacher toured us to many monumental areas of Barcelona where he explained to us much of the city’s profound history. The Llotja, for instance, he said was the stock market where everyone exchanged goods. I would have never realized how profound the Llotja was to the people, because for me, it appeared as an ordinary, square-like building.

Another historical topic our teacher stressed to us were the Guilds. He said they were very detrimental to the economic success of Barcelona, and they were the workforces in society. Ultimately, the Guilds consisted of the owner of the business and the workers. The owner lived at the bottom of the building with larger windows, while the apprentices lived on the top.

Guilds were very hierarchal, for an individual with a well-known, successful guild was highly regarded in society. Furthermore, the guilds shaped much of what the city looks like today for they were strategically placed according to the profession.

I thought this was really interesting because our teacher pointed out how today’s Barcelona society is shaped from the past. The street names, for instance, are modeled after the Guilds. Furthermore, a corner of town may be called something because it reflects what guilds surrounded it. In addition, the buildings are still structured in similar fashions. They are long and narrow with different window sizes.

One thing our teacher mentioned on our field trip that I found really interesting was how the women always walked on the inner sides of town. The reasoning behind this was that people always threw waste outside the windows, so the women were being sheltered from being hit. 

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