Cultural experience 2

Recently, my class and I were given the wonderful opportunity to venture to the radio station in which our journalism 2.0 professor, Pipo, works. I thought it was really neat that he welcomed us into his personal life, and we were able to get a taste of the real world in Barcelona. Ultimately, I felt this was a cultural experience, because I got to learn more about Europian media, and I could see it hands on.

The station was very large for it consisted of radio announcers, writers, editors and more. It was very interesting to learn about the different procedures in radio, and I enjoyed seeing the various rooms and aspects of the workforce. Of course everyone

spoke Catalan, so understanding was difficult, but it was really neat seeing the show live. Pipo explained to us that often times people would stroll by the glass windows of the station while the radio broadcasters were talking. He said that they would inch toward the windows and wave, and sometimes, the announcers would speak to them. They would giddily talk back through the outdoor speakers and boom, they were on the radio! Five minutes of fame right there.

I thought it was really interesting that our class was able to tour through the station, because I feel like in St. Louis, where I am from, that opportunity would not be as accessible. I loved the hands-on experience, and I learned that radio broadcasting really does interest me.

Though some of the technical equipment looked quite intimidating, it seems like a profession that I could possibly pursue. Pipo said we could visit the station with him whenever we like, so some friends and I may hold him to that proposal! I guess we shall see. Until then, this is Amanda Cohen, live, from Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned, for I will be back shortly.

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