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During Easter, Barcelona was a great city to celebrate. It had religious and cultural activities, great local dishes and breezy, beautiful sunshine. Furthermore, the city has great traditions that many practiced during this very important holiday.

This year’s Easter coincided with Sant Jordi, which is one of the most important days in the Catalan calender. During this tradition, roses, colors and books brought the streets to life. Men gave ladies a rose, and in turn, ladies gave them a book. Therefore, the streets were filled with many vendors trying to sell these items that many strollers would purchase.

Ultimately, many people were on vacation and enjoyed their Easter holiday for Spain is a Catholic country. Many, however, also remained in Barcelona and were celebrating their religion in their beautiful city.
For Easter, people generally avoided meat, which was why this seafood enriched city was perfect. Cod was a very popular dish amongst everyone, and easter cake and chocolate eggs soon followed. It was a festive holiday to say the least, and people were proud to celebrate such an important event in their lives.
The main activities programmed for Easter were the procession of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and The procession of Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder and María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena.

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